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"INFO-SEARCH" - the spravochno-consulting agency rendering services in search and granting of the adresno-help information on people, the organisations and phone numbers in territory of Russia and the countries were the USSR.Agency possibilities is recommended to be begun with section "FAQ".В the left part of the main page it is located by the site menu in which the sections informing on services of agency are presented. To pass to any interesting section it is enough to click on it a mouse.

The basic service service given by agency-it in search of the people living in Russia. (Across Ukraine the reference to foreign online-service for independent search - is given.> the section of "CIS country" see).Services depends on completeness поданых data on the searched person. To take advantage of this service-search of people in Russia, it is necessary to familiarise in section "Price-list" with quotations on services of search and if they arrange, fill from a site section "the search Questionnaire".Также it is possible to take advantage of written consultation how independently to find the address of the person in Russia, knowing prospective region of its residence. (See" Консультации.п.2 ") the Method of work of our agency consists that the established data about searched people, is given to the initiator of search only with the consent of required by it and the persons found us. Thus, the agency observes a principle of inviolability of a private life. (But at desire of clients, for the permission of this problem, to search on конфидециальных and preferential conditions for you, it can be connected our partner, detective agency with which it will be necessary to enter into the agreement).For increases of productivity of search our agency asks to give the fullest adjusting data on the searched person, whenever possible filling all points of" the search Questionnaire ".Payment services in advance it is not raised, i.e. the advance payment for this service is not present. It is made only upon a finding of the information on the person, on the offer treaty provisions, way convenient for the client (Section"Payment").Е If information search about the person of results has not given, payment does not occur. The initiator of search in any case will be advised of results of search. The additional guarantee of that by agency finds that person who was searched by our client, the control (directing) question serves in the search questionnaire set to the searched person through agency. The answer to this question should and two persons-those who can know ONLY that searches also for whom search. After filling with the client of the questionnaire of search, work on check of the data stated in it and search on the basis of their information on people begins. If the person is found, on it is informed the initiator of search and after transfer of its payment into agency accounts, in a current of days in its address the necessary information on the found person is sent. A format of delivery of the information-fio of the person, exact date of its birth, the post address of a residence (constant registration), number of contact phone, etc. Possibility free of charge to place the information on search of the person in section "Them is given to clients search" if search has not given result. Attention:агентство is not engaged in search of missing, illegal immigrants and persons wanted. If you wish to be engaged in search independently in sections "we Search", "Databases" and others all information necessary for it and resources is presented. To get references on on-line directories of room phones it is possible through corresponding sections of a site. We pay attention once again that answers to most often asked questions are resulted in section "FAQ".Если you have not found the answer to the question can set it through a forum or take advantage in another way communications. It is possible to familiarise with the full list of all kinds of given services and their cost in corresponding sections of the menu of a site.

an E-mail: poisk@nekto.com
ICQ 285214133
Phone 7(499) 502-82-35

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